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Volunteer Registration Form

Oklahoma Westie Rescue is always looking for volunteers to foster dogs, transport dogs, and to organize fund raisers. If you are able to help our Westies in need, please complete and send the form below. Thank you!

Name (Required)
State    Zip Code
Home Phone (Required)
Business Phone
Email (Required)
 I would like to volunteer (click all that apply):
To foster Westies in need (If you want to foster, please ALSO complete an Adoption Application noting Foster Westies where it asks for a dog's name)
To provide transportation
To make phone calls
To check shelters
To assist at public events
To organize fund raisers
To use my artistic/crafting skills/talents for fund raising
To use my computer skills
To donate money to assist in the care and placement of homeless Westies (Please fill out a donation form)